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AKINN  LAUNCHED SEPTEMBER 2019 Helmed by fashion designer Wykidd Song, AKINN is a homegrown fashion label that embodies what every modern woman seeks. Clean lines, soft silhouettes, and versatile designs. Modern staples and reinvented minimalist classics that are designed with conscious detailing to last beyond seasons — the threads of AKINN are rooted in timeless designs and intentional styles that seamlessly blend form, fit, and function into softly tailored silhouettes that effortlessly exude sophistication and confidence.  


AKINN 2019 - 2023 

AKINN was my protracted bridge to where I left off in SONG+KELLY. It reignited the connection with an incredible group of my SONG+KELLY fans, many just starting their careers back  in the late 90s and 2000s. We reconnected not just as designer and patrons but as collaborators driven by our shared passion for sophistication and distinctive design. With their support and confidence, I was able to pursue meticulous craftsmanship, from the intricate art of pattern drafting to the skilled hand finishing techniques. AKINN was more than just clothes; it was a space where creativity thrived, where we celebrated the process as much as the product, and where discerning customers appreciate quiet luxury and quality.

AKINN was my creative expression for cut, drape and storytelling. If side seams weren't necessary, I did away with seams and let the fabric wrap around the body, sleeves were draped and there was always a design detail that was personal to the wearer. I was creating and producing an essential wardrobe for the sophisticated discerning 'bosslady' who didn't need more clothes but could always do with more confidence, that was AKINN.

AKINN collaborations

AKINN was conceived with collaborations and storytelling as an integral part of the collections, hence personal perspectives are weaved into the designs and products.

Capsule 1.4 During the days of the pandemic, we featured ladies and their 'work from home' needs. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic then has led to many upheavals in routine, forcing all of us to relook how we live, work and play. I had to assess how my designs remained relevant and focused for the customers.  

Capsule 2.2 was inspired by Charlotte Mei, a presenter and nutritionist, I wanted to highlight my conversation with her on health, nutrition and sustainability for our customers. The designs were a reflection of who she is and what she needs to run through the day, stylish, practical designs using sustainable fabrics.   

Kind Earth capsule in collaboration with singer/songwriter Inch Chua, who, coincidently at that time, came out with her single 'Trees'. My collection focused on sustainable and earth friendly fabrics, making sustainability sustainable, taking on a practical approach with an understanding that an all-or-nothing mindset is unattainable for most of us. It is not about grandiose attempts at making drastic lifestyle transformations but taking steps towards being aware, seeking education, and practicing mindfulness in our choices.

As inspiration for my Athlestyle capsule, a collection of urban looks using high performance fabrics, we worked with Alicia Pan, founder of Yoga Movement. She is the epitome of the bosslady who has an ever overflow of appointments and tasks, and she lives in leggings. So I took that brief and created our Athlestyle based on her lifestyle needs and the comfort and performance of tech-led fabrics. From the gym to the meeting to the party.

3.1 AKINN x Sharon Au

Capsule 3.1 : The Story Of Hope, was designed in collaboration with Sharon Au, my dear friend, our favourite celebrity - Instead of using this platform to talk about herself, she chose instead to reflect on the tough times she faced as a teenager, highlighting issues kids face growing up. And wanting to bring joy and confidence with each design. She was truly an inspiration to create a lively, sophisticated collection.

Testimonials and Press

In the short journey I had with AKINN, I reconnected with my followers from SONG+KELLY, giving them more of an understanding of my creations, design process and highlighting my industry toil on our environment and sustainability from designers' perspective. The connection is now stronger through personal touchpoints and social media.